BA-110 has inherited many features from the G-SHOCK GA-110, such as a shape of design, combination analog/digital display and a face with a three-dimensional look, the BA-110 is a compact and slim watch to suit the wrist of women. This slightly masculine design features have gained popularity with women who enjoy street fashion.
The new BA-110LP series features a leopard print over the entire watch including the watchband and bezel — a look that goes well with a cap and sneakers, the series is the perfect accessory for the woman’s street fashion.

The series is available in three colors. The BA-110LP-4A is finished in eye-catching pink, while the BA-110LP-7A comes in classic white accented by pink hands. The gorgeous BA-110LP-9A is rendered in a soothing brown with a gold-colored dial. Since metal accents are used for the dials of all the new models, they convey a cool look.

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